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Baccie Bogie

These blogs are a spin off of the book I wrote about Bacci Bogie. They are motivational, message driven and humorous in nature. You will enjoy and love Bacci as they are written in his voice.


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My Name is Bacci Bogie: Frequent Flyer Extraordinaire

“My Name is Bacci Bogie: Frequent Flyer Extraordinaire” is a story of travel, love, and acceptance told from the perspective of a boisterous Maltese dog. One summer Bacci and I participated in a program for high-risk youth who came to Aspen from various inner cities around the country. Their quality of life was sad and many had experienced drive-by shootings and the like. About 50 of us went camping in the wilderness and shared various team-building exercises. Bacci was very generous as they passed the little guy around, holding and cuddling him.

He spent most of the weekend in someone’s arms. Fast forward a couple of months when Bacci and I were in Washington D.C., hundreds of miles from home. One morning my daughter and I went grocery shopping and left Bacci in the car. As we were checking out, the bag boy took one look at me and screamed, “Oh I can’t believe it, you are Bacci’s Mom.” He was one of the kids from the wilderness adventure who held Bacci every chance he had. Bacci’s im…


We caught a taxi heading for our destination, the Doral Country Club. I was speechless at the traffic. In our valley, rush-hour traffic meant two cars traveling the same direction within ten minutes of each other Here, it seemed, people expected the frenzy. When we arrived at the Doral, a guard checked our reservation at the gate, and as we drove up the road, I poked my head out the car window, breathing in the warm air and peering at the luscious scenery. Miles of green manicured grass were just waiting for me. Ah, life is so beautiful, I thought.

After Mommy checked us in, we found our room and entered a huge space with marble floors, a large jet bath tub, and an ugly looking creature on the patio. His green color was rather muted, and he had a long tail. He slithered onto the grass. We don’t have creatures like that in Colorado, and I decided I could ignore this beast if the monster stayed outside.

While walking down to the busy golf club to catch a snack, people stared, guess I am…